Thursday, September 5, 2013

August 21st CV Team Leaders Minutes

In Attendance:        Tom Jones, Chuck Linders, Sherry Schaefer, Sandra Tesch, Pat Madison, Bill Swedberg, Jane Gootherts

I.       Opening Prayer – “Our Father” – all
II.     Next Steps - Chuck reviewed timeline –
·       Town Hall forum tentatively scheduled for January 2014, by which time most of chosen objectives should be in process or completed.
·       Spring 2014 – ME25 will be completed, and selected objectives should be completed
·       Phase II commence by 2015
§  Include a “look back” section for final report and evaluation of the process for each Core Value Team – (no reinventing the wheel)
III.   Support & Tools
·       Contact list of Core Value Teams Leaders – sent         
·       Volume II of Pastoral Plan – source material for Core Values
·       St. Stephen the Martyr Resource Guide – located on parish website
·     Annual Stewardship cards - Called &Gifted listing – Clare Ettonsohn has

 Review of Core Value Teams
·     Communications –
o    Bill reported that 2 purposes have been identified:
§  How to facilitate easier communications between groups
§  How to communicate out to the parish
o   Tools
§  Blog –
§  Website that is a hub of all ministries at SSTM
§  Newsletter
§  Bulletin space
·       Graphics
·       Comments
§  Parish Annual Report
·       First Parish-wide report on the Pastoral Plan
o   The CV team is discerning on the proper direction of the “Strategic Parish Communication Plan”
·     Outreach – Jeannine Kuolt reported that they are waiting for the staff position for the Outreach ministry to be filled.  She is extending an invitation to the St. Vincent de Paul organization to come and educate interested parishioners about this ministry.  This could be an alternative to administering the Direct Aid office. Jeannine will contact Clare to see if there are any people interested in Outreach that Jeannine can recruit.
·     Pastoral Care – needs to be split out from under the Outreach portion of the Convocation – Sherry will contact them about their interest/willingness to become the Pastoral Care Commission. 
·     Faith Formation – Pat Madison reported that they chose the objective “Small kids disrupting mass”
·     Welcoming – Jane Gootherts reported that they are having a meeting next Sunday after 8:30 a.m. mass. Actions:
o   Pulpit announcement – “welcome to visitors”
o   Direction – table in Narthex
o   Narthex Ministry – Pastoral Council supporting Father, currently
·     Stewardship – Sherry reported that the group’s objective is to witness Stewardship in action.  Goal is to do so in 12 different ways by Easter of 2014.
·     Evangelism – Sandra Tesch reported for T. Mullner - 
o   Objective is finding ways to welcome people. Areas of exploration:
§  “Ambassadors” program in Peoria IL
§  “Legion of Mary” group in Arlington VA
§  Neighborhood ministries
o   Next step is finding more recruits
·     Parish Life – No representation, no report
·     Lay Involvement – No representation, no report
·     Worship & Spirituality – No representation, no report

Next meeting of PPI team ?

IV. Meeting Closed with “Our Father”

Friday, August 23, 2013

New Blog Created!

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